Have a Look, Everyone Else Has—Your Postpartum Checkup

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An excerpt from Crib Notes:

Embarrassment is one thing that won’t faze you. Having abandoned your modest nature somewhere amid the doctor’s appointments, and having left all shreds of dignity in the delivery room, you won’t even blink when your doctor or nurse comes in to check your episiotomy stitches or your hemorrhoids. You’ll continue to eat your cup of rice pudding (the only edible thing on your hospital tray), and think about how darn good your legs are gonna’ look this summer…
Depending on your birthing method, you’ll likely return to the doctor’s office that you once visited so often, for one final maternity exam. He’ll check your weight (don’t be scared) and blood pressure. The abdominal exam will ensure that your belly is not unusually tender, and that your uterus has returned to its previous size (about as big as a pear). He’ll check your breasts for lumps, abnormal discharge, or infections, whether you’re breastfeeding or not.

For the first time since perhaps the beginning of your pregnancy, he’ll do a speculum exam, and possibly do a Pap smear. He can make sure any tears or incisions are healing properly, including episiotomies. During an internal exam he’ll feel your uterus and ovaries, and may do a rectal exam also (does the fun ever end?)…

Your doctor will likely ask how you’re adjusting to life as a new mom. With post-pregnancy hormones beginning to regulate, your fluctuating emotions may start to normalize. You want to make sure that they stay at the happy end of the spectrum…

About the Author:
With a love of children, and a passion for reading and writing, Kelly decided to share her experiences with others through the pages of Crib Notes. She gained her insight and expertise during a nine month course called Pregnancy and continues on-the-job-training mothering two boys just eighteen months apart in age.

Kelly grew up in Southeastern Pennsylvania

where she currently resides with her husband and two sons. Your comments are welcomed at CribNotesBook@gmail.com.

Available for purchase:

www.CribNotes.weebly.com and Amazon Kindle download

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