5 Natural Ways to Manage Anxiety

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There are so many people in the world who suffer from anxiety and while there are many medications available under a prescription from your doctor, some people still have to learn how to manage those anxiety attacks naturally. There are many levels of anxiety that can impact your life, we hope that you will learn to use these natural ways to manage anxiety in a proactive way to ensure anxiety doesn’t ever rule your life again.

  1. Deep Breathing Techniques – when you start to feel your chest cramp up, tears come to your eyes and you are having troubles breathing, stop. Stop right there. Start to count slowly backwards from 10 and breathe, breath very slowly and deeply to help calm your mind.
  2. Limit Alcohol and Caffeine – one proactive measure to manage anxiety is to limit your alcohol and caffeine intake on a regular basis. Alcohol and caffeine can trigger panic attacks as they tend to aggravate anxiety.
  3. Be Proud to Do Your Best – learn that not everything is going to happen perfectly, in the way you envisioned it to happened. Learning to accept that you are doing your best helps alleviate pressure that you may place upon yourself.
  4. Find your Happy Thoughts – when you start to feel anxiety coming in, redirect your thoughts to something that makes you happy. Maintaining a thought pattern that is focused on a positive scenery will assist in managing anxiety.
  5. Start a Journal – have a notepad ready to write your thoughts down when you are feeling an anxiety attack come in. Use the journal to write happy memories as well as thoughts during an anxious moment; this will help you release the emotions coming from anxiety.

Anxiety is something that many women live with, but it isn’t something that has to rule your life. When you learn to use these 5 natural ways to manage anxiety as a means to lead a happy life, you will be one step ahead of the problem, thus creating opportunity for you to live a life free of anxiety.

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