Tips for drug-free morning sickness relief

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By Romy Taormina

Psi Bands were invented by two moms who were sick of the morning sickness they had to endure during their pregnancies. Many sources estimate that 80% of pregnant women experience the dreaded “morning sickness” –itself a misnomer, as anyone who has suffered through it can tell you that the nausea can last all day.

At Psi Bands we believe strongly in the use of wrist acupressure to relieve nausea for the following reasons:

Numerous scientific studies support the use of wrist acupressure to relieve nausea.
It’s easy to implement – simply place a Psi Band on each wrist.
It is drug-free so it won’t harm your fetus or interfere with other medications.

Psi Bands are uniquely:

fully adjustable around the wrist and at the acupressure point;
waterproof – no more soggy wristbands so you can wear them in the shower; and
fashionable – available in five fun different designs.
In addition to wrist acupressure to quell the queasies, following are some complementary drug-free tips we have come across:

Try ginger. It can be found as a powder in a capsule, grated fresh into hot water for tea, in syrup, or even as a sucking candy.
Cold fluids and solids like ice chips, popsicles, frozen grapes, etc. may provide relief and help take away the metallic taste in the mouth.
Try not to eat too much at a time, but also avoid an empty stomach. Eat several small meals every day instead of large meals and try to incorporate protein into every meal.
For morning nausea, keep a small snack (like crackers) right next to your bed and eat a bit before rising. Allow a few minutes for the snack to digest, then get out of bed slowly.
Stay hydrated. Try a sports hydration drink, as well as water, broth, or juice.
Get lots of rest. Stress and fatigue can make morning sickness worse.

We are not medical professionals, so contact your health professional if symptoms persist.


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