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By Heather Lopez

Welcome to day #3 of the review-a-thon! Today we are reviewing the Baby K’ Tan sling carrier. Having trouble getting things done since the baby’s been born? Try using a carrier or sling to help keep you hands free. Sometimes leaving the baby in a seat or crib is not enough. They want to be close to you, so wearing a sling helps satisfy their need. If you are lucky, they will even fall asleep, gently lulled into dreamland by your movements.  

When I first saw this product in the store, I really wanted to get my hands on it. Many moms were raving about it, so I figured I’d give it a try. Up until this point I had only had one baby carrier that my son had far outgrown. I actually received this sling way back in May, but I wanted to try it out long term as I hear that the material can become stretchy and saggy over time. I wanted to see how well it could hold up to my 1 year old toddler who has a little extra meat on his bones. Surprisingly 4 months later and the sling is in the same condition as when I first opened up the box.  

What I Like:

  • Cotton material, which is breathable
  • No buckles, zippers, metal, or plastic
  • Many different postions to carry your child
  • Can hold larger children like my 2 1/2 year old toddler
  • As demonstrated in promo pic, it can even be cool for dads
  • You can spread the shoulder material to disburse the weight you are carrying more evenly
  • You can carry for long periods of time without straining
  • You can sit down while wearing it
  • It is easily washable
  • You can pack it nicely in a diaper bag
  • It comes with a free matching sash and hat
  • The material is very soft like a sweatshirt
  • It is available in a variety of colors

What could be improved:

You practically have to take a babywearing class in order to be able to use it. I actually received instruction from the company (since they are based right here in South Florida where I live), as well as a babywearing expert and a store owner. Yup! It took me 3 times to really learn how to put it on myself. I guess third times the charm.

  • I always have to use the sash that comes with it to support my son’s weight and keep him stable
  • As you move, the material shifts and you have to readjust. If they are in the forward facing position, you might have to adjust the material between their legs several times
  • My daughter felt too heavy to carry in it, even though she was under the maximum weight. I felt like it would stretch very fast if I was consistently using it to carry her.

Overall, I really liked using this sling over the past few months and really getting a feel for how it fairs. I greatly preferred it over my previous carrier. My husband really doesn’t like it too much, though. He thinks that it “babies” the kids too much and isn’t really fashionable. I beg to differ.  

Buy It

The basic model can be purchased for $59.99 on their website. It comes with the sling, the sash, and hat. It is available in White Cloud, Basic Black, Warm Cocoa, Soft Sand, Sage Green, Pink, Natural Organic, & Pure Honey Organic. (Organics are $69.99)


I was not compensated for this review other than the product sample I received in order to conduct a proper review. Baby K’Tan sponsored a giveaway for a Happy and Healthy Mom event in May, but this in no way affected my review. We blog with integrity and encourage honest opinions to help develop better products and services for new & expecting moms.

Posted by hahmom   @   8 September 2010 2 comments

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Sep 16, 2010
10:26 am

Good review! I have to say, I have tried a bunch of different slings, wraps etc…and it seems like all the “things to improve” are similar. It looks like a really cool sling though and I would totally go check it out in the store! Thanks!

Oct 13, 2016
3:48 am
#2 Kate Rose :

Very comfortable and versatile. As with other reviewers my few gripes are just the back straps being slightly unreadable and the waist Velcro being pretty long making it hard to make it snug. But those are pretty minor in comparison to what this carrier does overall.

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