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 Product Reviews 19 June 2010

By Heather Lopez
A few months ago, I had written to Mamma Michal to find out if they had any products for pregnant or new moms. They wrote me back and told me that they did not have any yet, but would send me some when they did.  To my surprise …

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 Giveaways 11 June 2010

CLOSED- Congratulations to Leslie S. as selected #15!
To celebrate our re-launch, we are hosting a re-launch party giveaway. One lucky reader is going to win:
1. 50ml Boob Tube Bust & Neck Firmer by Mama Mio

2. 1 month membership to Care4Hire.Com

3. $35 gift certificate to Announcements Galore

4. The Care Giver …

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 From The Editor 10 June 2010

Hi everyone,
Thank you for coming to celebrate our re-launch party. We are so excited about the new options and features we will now be able to offer you. We will be celebrating the whole rest of the month, so stay tuned for new articles and don’t forget to stop by …

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 Ask The Expert 10 June 2010

Have a question? Post a comment with your question below and we will do our best to get you an answer from one of our experts. Q & A’s will be shown in new posts and comments will be deleted below. (Make sure you click on title in order to …

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 Mommy To Be Happiness 10 June 2010

By Elisabeth Manning
Want to connect with your baby? Babyspirit Meditation is a once monthly teleclass meeting every first Sunday at 10 am PST that attracts participants from all over the world. Its tools, when practiced regularly (during and outside of class), have proven to foster a more positive, bonded, and intuitive …

Post Thumbnail of Hiring a Babysitter for the First Time
 New Mom Happiness 10 June 2010

By Candi Wingate
You are preparing to hire a babysitter for the first time.  What all do you need to do to be well prepared for successfully employing a babysitter?  A brief list follows.

Determining what job tasks you want the babysitter to perform (just childcare? feeding? house cleaning? transporting? administering medications?)
Determining …

Post Thumbnail of Product Review: Lullabelly
 Product Reviews 9 June 2010

By Theresa Gould
Lullabelly is a wonderful concept. It is “belt” that wraps around an expectant mom’s tummy, but it isn’t just any maternity belt, it contains a little “pouch” or pocket with a built-in, but removable speaker as well as a pair of earphones so that both mama and baby …

Post Thumbnail of Product Review: Boob Tube by Mama Mio
 Product Reviews 6 June 2010

By Heather Lopez

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mama Mio, you should be as they carry a full line of skincare products for moms, including pregnancy skincare, bootcamp bodycare, stretch marks & scars, losing weight?, cellulite & firming, daily skincare, and anti-aging. 
My observations and comments:  
I got to try …

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 Product Reviews 5 June 2010

Update: Go to to apply to join! Especially seeking pregnant women.

Benefits for you:

Get to receive products and services for free in exchange for completing a review.
Can post your review on you own blog, if applicable.
Have profile on the exclusive Happy and Healthy Mom Product Review Team Network, with a limited membership of 100 to ensure better …

Post Thumbnail of Past Giveaway Winners Prior To Re-Launch
 Giveaways 1 June 2010

May Winner:

“What Haven’t They Told Me?” Book 
Courtesy of Off Ramp Publishing
Kathy Hornick
April Winner:

Prego Planner 
Courtesy of Braelyn Bounty Bug
  Erin Stachowiak 
March Winner:
Nursing Shirt 
Courtesy of Undercover Mama
  Helen Bobell 
February Winner:
Preggie Pops & Drops 
Courtesy of Three Lollies
Karen Gonyea & Susan Varney 
January Winner:
Prenatal Drink Mix 
Courtesy of Be Nice
Clarissa Neiding
December Winners: 
Posh Pads 
Courtesy of Blooming Bods 
Susan Buetow

Gift Certificate
Courtesy of Care4Hire

Rebecca Estep

Belli’s 4 …

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