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Happy and Healthy Mom.Com offers a unique online magazine experience for pregnant women and new moms. Though helpful; most magazines, websites, and other forms of  media place the primary focus of this important time in a woman’s life on the baby. We as moms, naturally place a tremendous amount of attention on the baby developing inside of us and the baby once they are born.  However, we neglect to focus on taking care of ourselves, our health, and our needs. Happy and Healthy Mom is here to help empower women to take care of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually without any guilt for taking time away from their babies. It is important for women to learn that they can take better care of others if they take better care of themselves first. The magazine features articles regarding health, nutrition, fitness, and happiness of new moms and mommies to be with an easily navigatable site which breaks each topic into category and stage. It also offers: monthly polls, monthly giveaways, an ongoing blog, links to resourceful information, sites and products, photo ops, as well as an opportunity to purchase items from our marketplace,  with 10% of the proceeds going to the Super Mom Entrepreneur Fund.  In addition to the publication of a monthly e-zine, Happy and Healthy Mom provides ongoing social interaction with the readers via multiple social networking sites and through our own Ning network for our product review team members. Just visit the site’s Connect With Us page to see what we offer. By the way, don’t expect to find any ads for diapers or formula on the site. Happy and Healthy Mom only works with companies offering products and services that would benefit new moms and mommies to be.

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