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How Group Therapy Can Help Your Mental Health

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Group therapy may sound intimidating and you may not feel it is the right thing for you, but if you take a moment to read on and learn how group therapy can help your mental health then you may have a change of heart. Group therapy is when one or …

Tips to Create a Positive Mindset

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You can take small simple steps towards creating a positive mindset, no matter what status your life currently is in. A positive mindset can open the doors to new opportunities and awaken your soul unlike anything else. Learning to create this happy demeanor within your soul is the first step …

Foods Proven to Make you Happier

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Whether you just gave birth, pregnant or gave birth years ago, being happy matters to every human being. As a woman you long to be happy so that you can be a better Mom, a better individual and have a chance to be more in your home. There is an …

How to Make Time for your Significant Other

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Are you finding that your busy schedule is getting in the way of creating time for your significant other? It’s no wonder with the many demands of life that a large number of couples let their relationship needs slide. While it is completely understandable, it can be detrimental to your …

5 Natural Ways to Manage Anxiety

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There are so many people in the world who suffer from anxiety and while there are many medications available under a prescription from your doctor, some people still have to learn how to manage those anxiety attacks naturally. There are many levels of anxiety that can impact your life, we …

Managing Hormones While Pregnant

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You are pregnant and it is supposed to be the most wonderful time. Creating this new life that is growing within your body is such a miracle, but why do you feel so out of control? Emotions run wild, you find yourself crying often and mood swings are constantly keeping …

Tips to Overcome Depression

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 Mommy To Be Happiness 18 March 2016

Women tend to deal with a lot of emotional turmoil, simply because of how the gender is wired and hormones can certainly be a culprit as well. Depression can come on suddenly for unknown reasons or be part of hormone fluctuations but today we will discuss tips to overcome depression …

Expectant Father’s Epiphany by Timothy Patrick Murphy

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 Mommy To Be Happiness 14 December 2011

It was a warm Southern California summer evening and my wife Marianne and I were on our way to a concert. We hadn’t driven a mile before she said my cologne was making her nauseous. In jest, I said, ”It’s one of your favorites…you must be pregnant. Well…little did I …

In Awe of Myself

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 Mommy To Be Happiness 14 October 2010

By Sarah Blight
I am a self-admitted “yoga junkie.” Or at least I like to think that I am. Throughout the past 15 or so years I’ve tried pretty much all of the yoga that is out there. So when I found out I was pregnant, the first thing I did …

About Babyspirit Meditation

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 Mommy To Be Happiness 10 June 2010

By Elisabeth Manning
Want to connect with your baby? Babyspirit Meditation is a once monthly teleclass meeting every first Sunday at 10 am PST that attracts participants from all over the world. Its tools, when practiced regularly (during and outside of class), have proven to foster a more positive, bonded, and intuitive …

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