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Saving the Most Money with Dealspotr

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 Featured,Hot Topics 21 April 2017

Disclosure: I am a verified Dealspotr Influencer and may receive points for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.  
If you are like me, you like to save money. Whenever I make online purchases, I am always looking for promo and coupon codes, sales, discounts, points incentives, etc. I …

Make lifelong family memories with the magic of Disney’s “Frozen On Ice” in South Florida.

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 Hot Topics 5 April 2016

When I told my little princesses that we were on the way to a magical evening with their favorite Disney superstars, Anna, Elsa and Olaf (and some other special guests), they couldn’t believe their ears. I will never forget the innocence and excitement when Isabella said to me “mommy mommy! how …

Goodwill’s Spring Cleaning Tips

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 Hot Topics 21 April 2014

It’s time for Spring, time for all things new! Of course our first impulse is to go out shopping, but this year, before we get that new Spring wardrobe, let’s do some Spring cleaning and help out our community too!  Goodwill has come up with a fun and insightful little …

Goodwill Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.

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 Hot Topics 28 October 2013

Little known fact about me: I thrift. I am not opposed to shopping second-hand, especially when you can find good items. One of the places I like shopping at is Goodwill. In fact, my leather couch set came from Goodwill and I have snagged a couple of clothing items there …

Volkswagen Test Drive

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 Hot Topics 11 May 2011

So, you might’ve seen my (Heather) other post about me co-hosting the National Mom’s Nite Out event at the Boca Town Center and how it was sponsored in part by Volkswagen. (Very cool sidenote: One of my entourage, yes I had an entourage, won the $250 Simon Mall giftcard that Volkswagen sponsored …

National Mom’s Nite Out May 5th- Dancing with the Moms at the Town Center at Boca

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 Hot Topics 27 April 2011

May 5th is going to be an awesome day. Not only is it Cinco de Mayo, but it is also National Mom’s Nite Out. This event, or compilation of events, is in its third year. This year they expect about 15 million moms nationwide to participate in either an online …

Make Babywearing a Breeze

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 Hot Topics 7 October 2010

By Heather Lopez
Okay, so you guys remember last month when I posted my review of the Baby K’Tan sling carrier right? Well they let me know about a brand new carrier they are launching at the ABC Expo right now called the Breeze. Below is the press release that they …

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