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By Abbey Fatica



1/25/2010: If you live in parts of the country where the weather gets super cold then you know how chapped your hands can get just walking the stroller from your car to the inside of the warm mall. Gloves are great but what happens when you have to pick up something quick that your baby just dropped and the best way to save it is with nimble hands. You are fidgeting to get your gloves off and by now the baby is screaming and the toy is wet and dirty and that’s why you totally need to invest in the Mommy Mitten.

Mommy Mitten is a hand warmer that easily secures around the handle bar of your baby stroller to keep your hands protected from the elements without having to deal with clumsy, easy to lose gloves or mittens. And what a great product this is. I took the kids to the mall the other day and my Mommy Mitten came in handy when I to bend down and grab my daughter’s glove to save it from the wet muck in the street. Another great use for the Mommy Mitten is on grocery carts. Those suckers can get bitter cold when they are sitting out in the parking lot. I hate taking my toddler’s mittens into the store cause they always seem to get lost but she gets cold otherwise and complains about it. So I had her use the Mommy Mitten and it kept her hands warm and kept her entertained as well. 

I would recommend this product to any mom out there who needs the warmth of a glove but the convenience of your own bare hands. Thanks to Amy at Mommy Mitten for coming up with such an innovative and useful products for our Midwestern cold handed MoMs.

BUY IT: You can purchase your own Mommy Mitten for 29.99 on their website!

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