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By Heather Lopez

One day I received a beautiful package in the mail and I thought to myself that this must be a giveaway for the event I was holding in February, but secretly praying it was a belated birthday present for me. I found out that it was neither. What it was was a shipment from Club de Bebe. They were sending it to me to do a product review, but had neglected to tell me that before sending it. Christine, one of the companies founding sisters sent me an e-mail about a day or so later and I was pleasantly surprised.


I almost didn’t want to open this, it looked so nice. The wrapping paper was perfect and purple, which is my favorite color if you couldn’t tell. My curiosity got the best of me and I dug in.
The first thing I came across was the Peaceful Mama Tea by Earth Mama Angel Baby. It is a relaxing tea, safe for pregnancy. The next thing up was a cd entitled “Your Present: A Half Hour of Peace” and I thought to myself,”How nice! Now if only I could get away from the kids for a half hour…” Next up was a cucumber calming candle from Bella Mama. It was very pretty, but definitely didn’t smell like cucumber. The smell is a little strong until it burns and the scent does calm you down. There was also a face and body spritzer and citrus bath salts. They definitely had a different smell to them. And the piece de resistance:
The world’s softest socks, which really are very soft. So soft, in fact, that my husband confiscated them and I didn’t get to try them on until the next day. Yes, those are my husband’s hairy legs and he is wearing the socks. Blackmail pic hmm….
But seriously ladies, I could definitely tell that the combination of these gifts were put togther to really put me at ease. No wonder they call it the Mellow Mommy gift set.  
From their site:
The Mellow Mommy gift set was created to help mom-to-be relax and unwind. An exquisitely soothing, award-winning stress-relief CD by stress-relief expert Susie Mantell will help her find comfort in deep, mind-body relaxation. Bella Mama’s calming cucumber candle and Face and Body Spritzer will relax and revitalizing her, while refreshing citrus Foot Salts give comfort to tired, swollen feet. The delicious, 100% organic blend of calming herbs in Peaceful Mama Tea will help her settle down and be peaceful at bedtime, while the World’s Softest Spa Socks cuddle her feet in ultimate softness.
You can buy it now for $64.95 with free shipping! 
Let’s not stop there though. These wonderful sisters offer the store version of what I am trying to do and that is pamper and take care of you wonderful pregnant and postpartum mommies. They have tons of different gift sets that you can buy a la carte or as part of a series. They also offer maternity jewelry and gift certificates. You have heard of book of the month, meat of the month, flower of the month, etc? Well now you can be pampered every month. You can either treat yourself or nudge your hubby in this direction. Imagine every month being able open up a beautifully wrapped present filled with goodies just for you to help ease this uncomfortable point in your life? All I was thinking was where was this store when I was pregnant?
I should note that other than the products I reviewed, I was not compensated for this review in any other form. I truly love this site and hope that you can take advantage of it.  
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