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It’s important to keep the connection between you and your partner alive during your pregnancy. But, next time you feel like having sex, put a basketball between you and your partner and try to make everything match up! You’ll then have some idea of what it’s like to have sex while you’re pregnant. Experts advise trying different positions but they’re all pretty awkward. Even if you do manage to manipulate your recently-enlarged body into some creative position, there’s something really unromantic about needing pillow props and support systems to make love.

The mechanics may be the least of your worries though. Hormonal changes caused by pregnancy can quickly send your sex drive south. No double entendre there—I literally mean you won’t want to have sex. Aside from the physical facts that you’ve gained 14 pounds in two months, you’re off your skin medication (adult acne is a cruel joke), and you’re completely exhausted from vomiting the whole day, the desire just isn’t there. God knows you have plenty of emotions these days, but horniness may not be one of them.

But that’s not the case for everyone. Some women report an increased desire for sex. It’s most common that once you recover from the negative side effects of the first trimester and start to feel more like a human again, your sex drive will bounce back. Since your libido is largely controlled by levels of estrogen and progesterone, which fluctuate throughout your pregnancy, by the start of your second trimester you may find yourself more interested in sex than you’ve been for months.

The satisfaction of making a baby and the anticipation of being parents may have brought you and your partner closer. This feeling of increased intimacy might be just the boost you need to revive your sex life. Plus, since you’re already pregnant you can enjoy making love without the hassle of dealing with contraceptives.

Due to the increased hormone levels along with extra blood flow to your pelvic area, some studies show that orgasms can be more intense and easier to achieve while you’re pregnant, especially during your second trimester. That may be the best news you heard since you found out you were pregnant—and give you something to look forward to!

Here’s a fun fact for you—your uterus actually hardens when you have an orgasm. It happens every time (the hardening, not the orgasm, sadly), but since your uterus is so much bigger and protrudes from your abdomen, it’s much easier to tell. You know what that means ladies—there’s no faking it now! The gig is up, your cover is blown…so to speak.

Not many things about pregnancy disgusted me (and there are some pretty nasty things), but that grossed me out. That, and when the baby all of a sudden started moving around in the middle of doing it. It seemed to tie pregnancy and sex together and, although I know that’s virtually the closest cause and effect relationship there is, I don’t like to think about the baby while I’m having sex.

            What was your sex-during pregnancy experience?

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With a love of children, and a passion for reading and writing, Kelly decided to share her experiences with others through the pages of Crib Notes. She gained her insight and expertise during a nine month course called Pregnancy and continues on-the-job-training mothering two boys just eighteen months apart in age.

Kelly grew up in Southeastern Pennsylvania

where she currently resides with her husband and two sons. Your comments are welcomed at

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