Past Giveaway Winners Prior To Re-Launch

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May Winner:

“What Haven’t They Told Me?” Book 

Courtesy of Off Ramp Publishing

Front CoverKathy Hornick

April Winner:

Prego Planner 

Courtesy of Braelyn Bounty Bug

 An upscale, fashionably functional and one-of-a-kind pregnancy organizer and planner. Erin Stachowiak 

March Winner:

Nursing Shirt 

Courtesy of Undercover Mama

  Helen Bobell 

February Winner:

Preggie Pops & Drops 

Courtesy of Three Lollies



Karen Gonyea & Susan Varney 


January Winner:

Prenatal Drink Mix 

Courtesy of Be Nice


Clarissa Neiding

December Winners: 

Posh Pads 

Courtesy of Blooming Bods 

Susan Buetow

Gift Certificate

Courtesy of Care4Hire

Rebecca Estep

Belli’s 4 oz Elasticity Belly Oil

Courtesy of Belly Button Boutique


Marianna Ballard


Handmade, one of a kind Necklace

Courtesy of Luz Selenia

luz selenia december giveaway

Susan Buetow


Hygiene Travel Essentials

Courtesy of Happy and Healthy Mom.Com

Megan Marlena

Mystery Stocking

 Courtesy of Happy and Healthy Mom.Com


Deb Klein

October/ November Winner

Handmade, One of a Kind Necklace

Courtesy of Luz Selenia
October Giveaway

Elizabeth Stritas

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