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By Theresa Gould

Lullabelly is a wonderful concept. It is “belt” that wraps around an expectant mom’s tummy, but it isn’t just any maternity belt, it contains a little “pouch” or pocket with a built-in, but removable speaker as well as a pair of earphones so that both mama and baby can listen to music together. The belt itself is made of a very soft fabric that comes in pink, blue, green, chocolate brown, or sunshine yellow. Mine is princess pink. It encircles mom with Velcro closures and is machine washable, just remember to remove the speaker, earphones etc. from the pouch before you wash it.

I really love the idea of the Lullabelly, as I have been known to chit-chat with my babies in utero and I love music. However, I did not like the feel of the Lullabelly around my protruding belly and found it hard to wrap around me, even with an extension. 🙁 It didn’t leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling shall we say. I don’t expect that to be every mother’s response, but to be honest it made me feel huge having to order an extension and to wrap it around myself just didn’t make me feel very good. Once it was on I was usually ok with it.

Once I tried playing a mellow song and then an upbeat one just to see if I could purposely illicit a response and I think baby responded to the upbeat song just a little better. I cannot say whether or not I noticed if my baby responded every time I wore the Lullabelly though. It was hard to take mental notes when I was usually trying to work, use the Lullabelly and take notes. The times I tried hard to pay attention, I did notice that baby was responding to the music.  I will say that baby has definitely responded to my other children playing the piano! There was movement from baby once that piano was being played right across the room from where I was seated; whereas prior to the piano being played baby had been quiet.

Thank you to Lullabelly and to Happy and Healthy Mom for the opportunity!


This review is done in cooperation with The Healthy Moms Review Team that I am a part of. I did receive free products, but that in no way affects my review.

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