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Got Giftcards? Got an Apple or Android phone? Then you seriously need to consider downloading the SWAGG App. I know that as a pregnant or new mom, you are probably receiving tons of giftcards for your baby. You probably also suffer from Mommybrain, so it can be hard to keep track of them all.  Here’s your answer folks:

What is SWAGG?

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SWAGG has launched a new app that deals with the troublesome problem of how to deal with the overabundance of gift cards, loyalty & membership cards that clutter up your wallet or handbag. Basically you can load all those gift cards, loyalty points, etc into your iPhone or Android mobile device.

 SWAGG allows consumers to import more than 250 brands of gift cards and rewards cards and, unlike plastic cards, SWAGG permits consumers to view available balance and reward information on most of these cards. Additionally, consumers can use their mobile device to give, get and even exchange SWAGG GIFTS from participating merchant partners such as American Apparel Inc., The Wet Seal Inc., Crocs Inc., and Arden B. Through SWAGG, consumers can access the offers that matter most to them, connecting users with more than 3,000 retailers. Retailers benefit by acquiring new customers, increasing in-store business and retaining existing customers.

The Review

I am a Mom Bloggers Club Reviewer, so I was given the opportunity to try out this app with $20 worth of SWAGG bucks loaded into my account. You should have an SD card in your phone to download the app, and remember that if you change SD cards, you probably won’t be able to access the app properly.

Once I logged in, I reviewed the giftcard section which showed the $20. I was then able to convert the card to a giftcard to one of their partner vendors. I selected Wet Seal. It then gives you the option to redeem the card online or in the store. I decided to to try it out in the store since there is a Wet Seal in a nearby mall.

When I arrived at the store, I informed the cashier that I would be using the app giftcard to pay for my purchase. Being a savvy shopper, I checked out the clearance rack in the back. She then approached me and told me that the SWAGG gift didn’t apply to clearance merchandise. I reviewed her instructions on the paper and it was rather confusing as to whether this applied to just the SWAGG discounts that they send you or if this applied to giftcards as well. Not wanting anymore trouble, i just moved on. Fortunately they were running a really great special in which I got 5 items for $20 (plus tax, of course).  Since the store had never accepted payment this way, they ran into difficulty as they needed to process it as a credit card, but it kept declining. They kept looking at the numbers on the phone from the giftcard and kept typing them in. They even called the helpline, only to figure out that they needed to apply the exact amount of $20 to the giftcard and have me pay the additional tax in cash. The giftcard processed as a Discover card, so not sure why I couldn’t use it for clearance items but oh well. What’s really cool is that in a matter of seconds, you see the balance go down to zero after you use the giftcard.

It’s important to note that you can load your own giftcard info into the account, so that you can keep track of the balances without having to call them in. You can also send people giftcards through the app. Another cool feature is that you can link it to your location and they will send you discounts into your account that you can use in the stores. The discounts are like coupons that the store can scan right there on your phone.

Check out the swag I got with my SWAGG app!

Download It

It’s FREE!!!!!!

Must have Apple or Droid Mobile Device and be a US resident.

Follow this link:


I received  $20 in SWAGG bucks to try out the SWAGG app as part of a campaign with the Mom Bloggers Club. This in no way affected my opinions of the product/service, and really served more as a sample to allow me to provide you will a full review, based on experience.

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Feb 15, 2011
1:39 pm
#1 Elena :

Sounds interesting. I will do some reviews if I receive an invite in my emails.

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