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Whether you just gave birth, pregnant or gave birth years ago, being happy matters to every human being. As a woman you long to be happy so that you can be a better Mom, a better individual and have a chance to be more in your home. There is an easy way to become happier with just a few slight diet changes, no I am not going to tell you to eat less, I am going to share with you some foods you should eat more as a means to be happier.

Dark Chocolate – this has been a proven happiness booster, just the word chocolate alone would make most woman smile, ready to take on the day. Dark chocolate specifically reduces stress when you consume about 1 ounce per day, and we all know reduced stress means happier self.

Mushrooms – the only plant source of Vitamin D, this superfood actually has a high level of selenium which helps reduce fatigue, depression and anxiety.  There are so many ways to eat mushrooms; in a salad, on pizza, or on your burgers. Being that this is a superfood, you must add it to your diet.

Green Tea – switch out coffee for green tea, or end your day with a cup of green tea because research has shown people who drink 5-6 cups a day reduce psychological stress. Psychology stress is part of feeling depressed and anxious, which lead you further away from being happier.

Coffee – when people consume this in the morning it has increased energy, kindness and pleasure which in turn leads you to be a happier person all around. Try your best to reduce the sugary options within coffee, if possible consume black coffee for the full benefits.

Clams – these have vitamin B12, which when taken as a supplement has increased the happiness in individuals so if you can add these into your diet regularly you just may find no supplements are necessary.

Walnuts & Seeds – studies have shown time and time again that having a diet rich in nuts and seeds helps provide your body with the alpha-linolenic acid needed to maintain happiness. Woman who have low levels of alpha-linolenic acid are at a higher risk to developing depression.

There is nothing better in life than finding natural mood boosting options, these foods have been proven to make people happier and I hope that they keep you moving forward with a smile on your face and a skip in your walk!


Posted by Brandy Tanner   @   3 May 2016 0 comments

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