Top Mom Tips to Survive the Holidays

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Motherhood can be stressful enough but add in the holiday season and you can find yourself on overload real quick. Whether you are a first time mom or a veteran mother, today we wanted to share the top mom tips to survive the holidays.

Make Yourself Top Priority

In preparation for the hustle and bustle that is called the holidays, it’s time to get in gear with making yourself a top priority. There’s nothing worse than having a stressed out mom around the holiday season so be certain to put yourself at the top of your list this year by ensuring ample downtown to decompress after these long days that occur during the holiday season.

Prioritize your To Do Lists

This is a vitally important step towards surviving the holiday season as a mom. Figure out what events you will attend, what gifts you must purchase and all of the details that pertain to this year’s holiday festivities. Once you have determined all that you desire or must get done this holiday season as a means to relax and enjoy the day with family, prioritize the lists based on order of must get done to stuff that you can neglect if time runs out.

Learn to Say No and Keep it Simple

There’s no reason to overdo it this holiday season, after all the holiday season is all about giving thanks and counting your blessings. Take time to accept that you can’t do it all and saying on is going to have to simply be acceptable. Don’t overthink anything, if you instantly cringe at the thought of adding another to do list item, then don’t do it! Keep the holiday season simple by saying no when necessary and you will find yourself incredibly relaxed.

As a mother first and foremost your top priority needs to be yourself and your children. There’s no reason to stress out and become the world’s craziest mother simply because the holiday season has crept upon us. Today take time to jot down notes on how you will ease these mom tips to survive the holidays and stand firm on following these tips.

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