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Disclosure: I am a verified Dealspotr Influencer and may receive points for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.  

If you are like me, you like to save money. Whenever I make online purchases, I am always looking for promo and coupon codes, sales, discounts, points incentives, etc. I have been through tons of sites like RetailMeNot, Coupon Sherpa, and Coupon Cabin. I turn to coupon bloggers to learn the best way to get the items I want for the cheapest price possible. Plus, the better the deal, the more I feel like a football player doing an endzone dance.

However, I also hate going through tons of codes that have expired or not working. Fortunately, I was recently introduced to Dealspotr. On this site, the deals are added by readers and influencers, and they are validated by other members in the community to ensure that they are accurate. It’s simple, if a code is not working, it can be invalidated or if the information is inaccurate, it can be edited. It’s like the Wikipedia of coupons. Check out this test of 550 promo codes posted at major coupon sites to see where Dealspotr stands.

One of the features I noticed about this site, that I haven’t seen in other places, is that you get your own personal feed for deals. You can subscribe to brands, topics and other members, so you can stay on top of the deals that interest you the most. I also love that you get points for sharing deals, and these points can be turned into Amazon gift cards (or cash via PayPal if you achieve Gold Status). The other sites expect you to share and invalidate deals for free, whereas Dealspotr rewards you for doing that.

Since launching in 2015, Dealspotr has saved shippers more than $15 million dollars and over 2 million people visit the site every month. They go further than other coupon sites to save you money. Beyond regular deals and promo codes, they show you single-use codes, personal referral codes, and 3rd party deals that can snag at You that extra discount in ways you won’t find on other coupon sites.

Like What You Hear? Want to Join In? Here’s What You Do:

Step 1: Create an Account and Login.

You’ll need an account to enjoy the best aspects of Dealspotr. Sign up with Facebook or email.  Click my link or enter my promo code HAHMOM for an extra +5,000 points when you join, complete your new user checklist, and post your first valid deal. (5,000 points is worth $5.00 in an Amazon Gift Card.)

Blogger? Use this link instead–> Then use code: l8LnpErB to become a Verified Influencer automatically. They make sharing deals on your blog easier than ever with their deal sharing widget. Save time and earn more from your deal blog posts. Plus, you’ll gain special perks available only to influencers such as increased earning power and added visibility and links on Dealspotr.

Step 2: Complete the New User Checklist.

Once you register, you’ll see your new user checklist (“Complete your account setup”). Complete these tasks to familiarize yourself with Dealspotr and how the basic functions, like posting deals, liking, and saving.

Step 3: Customize Your Feed by Following Stores and Interests

On Dealspotr, you get a personal feed, updated in real-time with deals that match your interests and favorite brands. Follow additional stores and interests to fine-tune your feed and keep up with all your favorite deals.

Step 4: Be Social, Like Deals, Follow People, Send Your Appreciation in Comments.

Dealspotr is a social network for people who love deals. If you find a deal you love, hit the thumbs up button to like it and say thank you to the person who posted it. People also love being followed, so hit the subscribe button next to their name to keep up-to-date with their latest deals.

Step 5: Save Deals to Easily Find Them Later.

Deals expire quickly, so we created an easy way for you to create reminders to use the deals you find on Dealspotr. Just hit the thumbtack icon to save any deal to your saves, and we’ll remind you the day before it expires.

Step 6: Post and Validate Deals to Earn Your First Gift Card.

On Dealspotr, you earn points for adding and editing deals. Join the thousands of other members to edit our database each day to ensure we have only the best, most accurate deals on display for shoppers, saving everyone time and more money. You can cash out your points for e-gift cards.

Step 7: Get to Know the People in the Forums.

On Dealspotr, you can meet other people who love to save money and find great deals. Drop a note in the Meet & Greet forums to introduce yourself, get help in the Feedback & Bugs forums, or just chat in on Random boards.

Step 8: Refer Friends to Earn Even More.

Share your personal Dealspotr referral code to refer friends, family and followers to join Dealspotr. You earn a nice commission when they first join, plus a percentage of the points they earn over the lifetime of their accounts. Refer actively, and engage and promote your referrals – this is a great way to build up points!

More Tips for Using Dealspotr

Don’t Just Post Deals- The community is large and growing, so there are so many potential deals you can find on the site. However, with more members, it also means that you have to be a bit competitive to get the deal posted up before anyone else if you want the points for the deal. Dealspotr places an emphasis on not duplicating deals. Fortunately, you can validate other deals as working and you can invalidate deals that aren’t or are duplicates, and earn points that way.

Bad Code? Repost the Deal with the Right One- I came across a deal was that was posted  that had almost everything right, and was even validated by others. However, it was noticed that the coupon code in the box actually had 2 of the letters in reverse. Currently, the best way to combat this is to invalidate the deal, and post the deal again with the accurate code. Codes can’t be edited, unlike the other fields, so they must be posted with the accurate info and you would get credit for this. I learned this through asking in the forums.


Triple-Check Your Deals and Validations Before Submitting- Like in the scenario listed above, when you post something inaccurate, it can affect your Accuracy Score. This score shows how accurate your posts are, and can gain you more followers as well as the ability to post and validate more deals per day.  Also, you want to avoid any duplication. Sometimes a poster might post a deal that lists two deals within it, like save $10 and get shipping for $2. Make sure when posting your deals that your deal does not make up any of the other deals that are already posted.

Validate Deals with Less Validations for More Points- The more validations a deal has, the less points you get for validating it. Seek out deals with less validations to build up your points faster.

Have any other questions about Dealspotr? Comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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