Combat the Baby Fat: Prepping for a Postpartum Exercise Regimen

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By Heather Lopez

If you are like most women, you gained a few pounds from pregnancy that are still with you now. If you are considering an exercise regimen, most doctors recommend that you return or start exercising when you feel up to it. As in pregnancy, walking, swimming, and aerobic exercises are the most suitable postpartum workout activities.

Pregnancy Today.Com recommends doing Kegels within a few days postpartum if you are up to it. According to Michelle Salom, a fitness instructor and personal trainer, as well as the founder of Fitness 4 Families .Org, it is best to wait until about 6 weeks postpartum for natural childbirth and 8 weeks for c-section births to return to an full exercise regimen. This will give you time to recuperate and bond with your baby.

Don’t expect to be like Heidi Klum walking the runway any time soon. For most women, it is best to take an easy does it approach. Your abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy to handle the baby, and therefore you should wait a few weeks before doing abdominal exercises and sit-ups. As always, it is best consult with your primary care professional prior to beginning any exercise regimen. Stay tuned for more postpartum fitness articles next month!

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