5 Steps Toward Holiday Wellness for Pregnant Woman

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By Cydney Smith

It’s December, the holiday season is upon us, as are the days of early darkness. During this time of year, where cultures around the world celebrate birth, light and love, it is important for the pregnant woman to celebrate and nourish herself.

Holiday candies, cookies, cakes, muffins and breads are tempting treats. A pregnant woman is especially tempted by these delights. Eating for two, right? Tiredness and the shortened daylight hours may have the mom-to-be reaching for a sugar or carb rich food to boost her energy.

When a pregnant woman is consuming these treats, what is she not consuming? If you are a mom-to-be reading this, ask yourself these questions: How much water have I had today? Have I eaten any fruits? Vegetables? Am I getting adequate protein and whole grains? Develop an awareness of your diet, and be cautious if you find that you are substituting sugary treats or caffeinated beverages in place of a nutritious meal or snack.

Treats are wonderful, and a memorable part of holiday traditions. Treats are part of any celebration. Be sure to see them as a supplement to a balanced and nutritious diet though.

During this holiday season, celebrate your pregnancy and the child you will soon birth. Treat yourself to the gift of self-care. Prioritize a nutritious diet by adding structure to your day, and a commitment to providing for your own health and happiness. You will experience more energy, and feel more balanced.

Follow these 5 Steps for Holiday Wellness. And remember- a healthy mom-to-be is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

1) Eat a nutritious breakfast: Keep it simple – yogurt with fruit and granola, scramble eggs with leftover veggies, even reheat leftovers – leftover grains with a little extra water and lightly sweetened is the original porridge.

2) Pack fruit, nuts and water in your bag or car: Always carry snack items and water for yourself. Apples keep well, almonds and walnuts, and dried fruits, just be sure to not get sweetened versions. I recommend unsalted or lightly salted nuts as well. Don’t be afraid of nuts, they are nutritious and can balance blood sugar, which can help alleviate cravings.

3) Eat lunch: As a new mom on the go, eat a nutritious lunch that includes whole grains, vegetables, and some protein. If you are eating a salad, add proteins and healthy fats -nuts, eggs, olives, avocados, meats, beans, or a little cheese.

4) Have an afternoon snack: a piece of fruit, an egg, humus and veggies. 2-3:00 is a time that many people reach for a candy, cookie, muffin and/or coffee. Prepare for this by having something on hand. Eating a quality whole food can get you through to dinner, with out feeling irritable or famished. Be sure to drink some water as well.

5) Eat a relaxing and nutritious dinner: Light a candle, take off your shoes. Have some warm soup or tea. Ask others to cook for you. Prepare something easy, think out of the box. Find a recipe; actually find 3, which take less than 20 minutes to make. Prepare extra and eat the leftovers another night. Keep it simple; don’t resort to frozen commercial dinners. Be cautious with take-out as well. There are often more calories per dish and we tend to eat more.

Bonus tip – To make it easier to follow these 5 steps, make a weekly menu and grocery list. Include snacks. Shop at the beginning of the week. Set aside an hour after shopping to wash and chop veggies and prepare a salad. Having the salad and veggies on hand will make it easier to use them during busy times.

By implementing these 5 steps to Holiday Wellness, the pregnant woman can weather the stresses of the holiday season with more energy and increased wellness.

And by all means, enjoy a holiday treat. When eating a balanced diet, you will crave less sweets and caffeine. So embrace the holidays, prioritize yourself and enjoy the bounty of the season.

Cydney Smith is passionate about helping woman achieve wellness in all aspects of their lives. When she’s not sharing insights about food, nutrition and eating for success on your own terms, she’s running around with her 2 children and enjoying life in her small New England town. Cydney is offering a wellness coaching program for new mothers and mothers of young children beginning in January 2010. If you would like more information email her at cydney@mompreneurwellness.com. If you’re ready for a breakthrough in your health and wellness now visit: www.mompreneurwellness.com/services/breakthrough

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