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By Heather Lopez

So you really need to run to the store quickly and it shouldn’t take your more than 5 minutes in and out, but it takes you 15 minutes to pack-up and lug around your regular diaper bag, on top of having to strap the baby into the car or stroller. Jeez! Who knew that adding a baby into the mix would make you carry around 2 bags and make you at least 15 minutes late to wherever you are going? Well, we found something really stylish and convenient to try and help with that little problem, The Diaper Clutch. It is small & cute, but really packs a hidden punch. When closed up, it is a small purse-sized item, with a wristlet. It actually holds 2 diapers and a small container of wipes just right. I have checked similar items and  they usually only fit 1 diaper safely, which does me no good because I have 2 in diapers. Plus, it has an ID holder to stash your license and some cash. And the Piece de Resistance, it’s got a hidden diaper mat attached inside. The mat folds out to a a full-sized square large enough to lay your baby down. Plus, it comes with a fashionable fabric pattern, so you can be styling even while in the public bathroom changing a stinky diaper.

Okay, so I know what most of you are thinking. She’s just telling me this product is great because they are paying her. But you are wrong. I did not get paid for this. I just got a sample that I got to testdrive. Trust me, the bag is going places. It was just featured on TV and even Sarah Jessica Parker loves it. Who knew that I’d get a chance to sport something that SJP was too! Can you say trendy? To top it off, it is made by a mompreneur like me named Laura Page. I love supporting mom-owned products and I was happy to get the chance to review her marvelous Diaper Clutch.

In the meantime, to prove that this is an honest assessment I also provide my suggestions for improvement: 

1. The ID tag could be alittle better quality. It is sort of like one of those plastic ID badges you get at a conference, with those little metal clip things from the lanyard badge holders. Perhaps a fabric edge on the plastic and a stronger clip would make this better.

2. The patterned fabric is on the opposite side of the mat, so when you are changing the diaper, no one can see the cute pattern on it. All you see is the plain black fleece, and the nice fabric might be getting dirt wherever you are laying them down to change them. On the one hand, the black protects from baby mishap stains and is soft for baby, but on the otherhand, Prissy Designs might want to consider using a patterned fleece and a solid material for the part that touches the the ground/table/etc.

3. Waterproofing & Longterm Durability: While this particular bag has strong denim and strong stitching to hold it together, I couldn’t help but think that there should be some sort of plastic/ waterproof lining in between the fabric pieces to ensure that there are no soak-through accidents. 

Feel free to visit Prissy Designs and check out their other patterns!

Here’s the skinny on the MYA Diaper Clutch I got to review:

All-In-One Diaper Clutch made with Denim fabric on the outside with a button closure. Inside the bag has a black lining, the blanket is made out of a soft black fleece on one side and Retro black/white/brown cotton on the other and there is a key ring and ID holder available.

  • 100% Cotton Denim
  • Black Lining
  • Navy Button w/Elastic Closure
  • Clutch Measures 3” W x 6”H x 9 ½”L
  • Blanket: 100% Retro Cotton/Black Fleece
  • Blanket Measures 21” x 17”
  • Machine Wash Cold Dry Flat
  • Handmade in USA
  • Patent Pending

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