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By Theresa Gould

 The Prego Planner is a neat little planner that is probably best suited for first-time moms. It comes in a binder that includes a calendar, OB/GYN/Midwife section, a section for Pediatrician research and appointments once baby arrives, a checklist section for your newborn, a gift list to keep track of all the wonderful things friends, family and co-workers supply for your new family member. Finally, the last section is for labor and delivery, which includes a place to record your birthing class notes, your birth plan, your preparation checklist, a place to record your thoughts of baby’s birth (weight, height, apgar etc.), a call list, a post delivery checklist and postpartum checklist.

This planner is very thorough and I can see it being of help to husband’s too, especially the checklists for birth, call list etc.

I love the poems and saying on each of the section dividers. The calendar gives an expectant mom a place to record when she hears baby’s heartbeat, feels his/her first movements, appointments etc. The Prego Planner is definitely a handy little tool to keep everything pregnancy related together in one place instead of scrounging around for little pieces of paper that may be in multiple places.

If you are already use to using a planner, then transitioning to a pregnancy planner won’t be a problem. But if you are new to using a planner, then it might take a bit of time to get use to recording everything, at least at first. Most expectant first-time moms want to remember all the wonderful things they experience and the Prego Planner just makes it that much easier to do so.

I like the idea of the Prego Planner and think it would have been more useful in my first pregnancy. Since this is my eighth live (actually my 13th pregnancy) I actually haven’t found it as useful as I thought I would.  I think that is because I know what to expect, what to plan for and have most of my baby items already.  Plus, our family tends to do things differently now than when we were first starting our family.

You can win one for yourself this month (April).

Editor’s Note: The planner comes in zebra, dressy, and brown and is made by Braelyn Bounty Bug. The above picture is of the dressy planner. Additionally, unlike most planners, this one is a small-sized binder that you can fit in a purse, as well as remove and/or replace pages. Giveaway is now closed. 

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