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By Heather Lopez


 I was contacted by Cherry Pharm to do a review of their tart cherry juice. They informed me that up until now, they had been marketing their juice to athletes because of the juice’s potent combination of nutrients, but they had also discovered that the juice could be very useful for new & expecting moms. I agreed to review their juice with no other compensation other than the samples to try out. 

Facts: The juice is not from concentrate. It contains anthocyanins, flavanols & flavonols, plant hormones, phenolic acids, vitamins & minerals, and terpenes. It contains more polyphenols than acai, blueberry, noni, & pomegranate. Studies have shown that cherries can reduce pain, lower cholesterol, and inhibit tumor growth.

My thoughts: The first juice I tried was the “Natural Light Tart Cherry Juice Drink.” True to its name, this juice is tart. My tongue had a slight tinging sensation. There was also a slight cherry flavor. The bottle says that the 8oz drink is only 90 calories and is equivalent to 40 cherries.

Next I tried the “Natural Health Tart Cherry Juice with Reconstituted Apple Juice” This one was even more tart than the light one. This one boasts the equivalency of drinking 50 cherries and only 130 calories. The cherry flavor was much more apparent in this drink, almost a dark cherry flavor.

Last up was the “All-Natural Juice + Protein” drink. This drink also contains the 50 cherries, 160 calories, and 8g of protein. The overall flavor came off as a combination between the strong tart flavor and a hint of those protein drinks you get at a GNC.

Overall, the strong tart sensation made it hard for me to finish the drinks. I must admit that I am slightly biased as I am not much for natural cherry flavored anything, so this made it even harder for me to drink. Compared to the deep rotten berry flavor of acai, the strong tartness of cranberries, or the hold your nose and down’em pomegranate samples I tried at Costco, I would say that these drinks taste better and give you more bang for your buck if you are going for healthy. If you are not one for drinking the health drinks though, you might want to prepare your tongue as if you were about to bite into a lemon. Cherry Pharm offers a $9.99 sample pack of four 8oz bottles (like the one I tried out) with free shipping on their website, so you can see for yourself if their juice is right for you.    

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