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By Shiloah Baker

It is very refreshing to have companies now recognizing the pregnant woman and her nutritional needs.  When I received the Be Nice drink mixes to try, I was very impressed with the fact that not only it is a refreshing drink mix to put in a water bottle on the go, but that it contains DHA, folic acid, B-complex vitamins and minerals.  In addition, it is sweetened with Stevia and not artificial and harmful sweeteners. 

B vitamins can give you a natural energy lift and are an essential vitamin for women.  I have two children with autism and another one with a neurological disorder called SID or SPD.  Currently, I am pregnant with my eighth child.  My naturopathic doctor strongly emphasizes the importance of my taking DHA for the growing baby, especially because I have two children in the autism spectrum.  All pregnant women should supplement their diets with DHA for the healthy brain growth of their unborn child.  There just isn’t enough DHA in the typical American diet today.

The Be Nice drink mixes come in two flavors: lemonade and berrylicious which is a blend of strawberry and blueberry.  Mix the drink in 16 ounces of water (a water bottle for an on-the-go drink.)  I enjoyed the berrylicious flavor, but for some reason (call it sensitive pregnant mama) I could taste a slight aftertaste of fish (DHA) in the lemonade.  After trying such a positive product for pregnant women and knowing the benefits I’m a new “Be Nice” customer. 

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