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By Elisabeth Manning

Want to connect with your baby? Babyspirit Meditation is a once monthly teleclass meeting every first Sunday at 10 am PST that attracts participants from all over the world. Its tools, when practiced regularly (during and outside of class), have proven to foster a more positive, bonded, and intuitive relationship with the baby, not only during the pregnancy and birth but beyond as well.

By participating in this class, you set a powerful, deliberate intention for a positive pregnancy and birth experience. Get to know the essence of your little one-to-be and become emotionally ready for its entrance into this world; a safe place to “just be” pregnant. Experience a journey of discovering your child”s personality, what it might need from you, and to prepare your soul for this new transition into birth and motherhood. Feel embraced by divine love and the spirit of your little one, whether pregnant or wanting to be, or just thinking about it. BabySpirit can even help heal a past traumatic event(s) such as family of origin issues, birth, or miscarriage/abortion that can keep you from fully enjoying your journey to parenthood.

Private and anonymous group energy creates a powerful dynamic of support for this effortless personal growth experience. Relaxing, Opening, Restorative. Profound guided visual experience for fertility and pregnancy to learn tools to clear your space of unwanted emotions or thoughts, activate your highest genetic potential, call in your child and connect with his/her spirit. (You might even find out the sex or what the child wants to be named!)

More information/points on the value of this meditation:

  • Meditation research has shown us it can increase circulation, reduce inflammation, enhance fertility by balancing the hormones and reducing harmful cortisol levels produced by stress, and add to a healthy pregnancy experience. That said, meditation is possible to increase fertility success. BabySpirit is unique approach in that it is so much more than meditation, it is a profound healing journey, if you want it to be. Otherwise, just sit back and relax just “being!” 
  • Activate your inner teacher. Learn to trust the creator within you.
  • Fathers feel included and connected.
  • BabySpirit is for both prenatal and preconception, and especially for fertility. It works at the subconscious level to release old energies no longer serving you that have been blocking your progress and feeling like a glass ceiling.
  • Great for baby naming and gathering special, personal information and guidance about what you are going through.
  • Meditation is a way to connect with your body and slow down time, learning how to be present with yourself; something that is increasingly important if children are coming. The being present part is vital to well-being and to not missing out on the wee little moments in a child’s development; blink and you miss them if we are not present.
  • This particular meditation technique is an effective way to permanently clear out negative patterns and programs (for example, trauma) stored in your cells and restore your vitality and well-being, activating the remembrance and potential of who you really are down to the DNA.
  • As we step into our clarity of who we really are we automatically trust our intuition and inner compass, empowering us to become better parents in tune with our child’s needs, in addition to healing and calming all levels of our being (including our bodies). This meditation is a step to facilitate and support you on living this intention daily.
  • Not sure if you want to be pregnant?  Connecting with the baby to find out more will bring clarity and peace.

Find out more about Babyspirit Meditation by visiting:
EcoFertility by becoming fertile in all areas of life, first.
“Before ever planting a seed you must first cultivate the soil.”-Chinese Proverb

Win It

Coming soon! Chance to participate in a live tele-conference Baby Spirit Meditation.

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