Eating Right During Your Pregnancy

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By Fran

Being pregnant, what you eat matters for the healthy development of your growing baby. Here’s a list of foods to include in your diet to ensure you get the right range of nutrients. With the holidays nearing, it will be difficult at times to eat properly with all that good food taunting you! No problem – just follow this simple guide and you’ll get the nutrients you’ll need and still enjoy the holidays.

Folic Acid – crucial for reducing the risk of birth defects associated with the brain and spinal cord. Also known as Vitamin B (B9). Foods that contain Folic Acid include Broccoli, Bananas, Peas, Kale, Beans, Cauliflower, Lentils, Asparagus, Citrus Fruits, Potatoes, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, Spinach, Kiwi Fruit.

Protein – vital in sustaining the rapid growth and development of your baby. Good sources include lean red meat, poultry, beans, soya beans, tofu, eggs and cheese.

Carbohydrates – aids in maintaining energy levels and also helps the baby grow. Try to limit your intake of white bread, rice and pasta. Instead eat wholegrain cereals, wholegrain and rye bread, wholegrain pasta, fruits and vegetables.

Calcium – crucial for the development of your babies teeth and bones. Calcium is found in dairy products, beans, chickpeas, tofu, tinned sardines and salmon (with bones). Calcium also keeps your muscles strong and healthy. If you’re not getting enough calcium while pregnant, your baby will use your calcium stores and draw it from your bones.

Iron – ensure a good supply of red blood cells that transports oxygen to your baby and your muscles and organs. Great sources of Iron include lean red meat, wholegrain breads and cereals, beans, leafy green vegetables and dried fruit.

Food to Avoid:

Cheese – soft, mold ripened cheese such as Brie or Camembert, blue cheese (Danish Blue or Stilton).

Fish – Some fish can contain high levels of mercury that can affect the development of your baby’s nervous system and include Shark, swordfish and marlin, any raw fish such as sushi.

Shellfish – Shellfish can contain bateria that may cause food poisoning that puts you and your baby at risk – these include undercooked or raw oysters, mussels, cold prawns and crab.

Salads – avoid packaged salads unless you wash them first; ready-prepared dressed salads like coleslaw or potato salad as they may contain egg that may not have been cooked properly.

Caffeine – caffeine has been associated with the risk of miscarriage and your baby not growing properly. Try not to consume more than 300mg (about 3 cups per day). Keep in mind that energy drinks and chocolate also contain caffeine.

About the Author

Fran has 14 years experience as a Certified Aromatherapist, Aromatherapy & Facial Procedures Specialist, Oriental Diagnostic Consultant, Herbal Remedy Specialist and is certified in the Design & Production of Aromatherapy Skin Care Products. She has also taught Aromatherapy online and writes for various health related websites. Fran has also offered workshops in Aromababy, Aromatherapy Before, During and After Pregnancy, Dream Pillows, Perfume Blending and Your Home Spa. Fran is the owner of Belly Buttons & Babies an online store specializing in moms-to-be, babies and post-pregnancy body care products that are natural, pure and organic. Visit Belly Buttons & Babies for all your body and skin care needs.
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