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By Heather Lopez

Okay, so my birthday has long past, but I still got a chance to review a birthday basket from Pro Flowers.  Note: These baskets can make very nice gifts for a new mom as well. Hint Hint…. This wasn’t my first experience with Pro Flowers, as last year my hubby got me a beautiful bouquet with a purple polka dot vase for Valentine’s Day. The flowers were fresh even though they were shipped from California and I am in Florida. The vase was very strong and ceramic. This was the more premium vase my hubby sprung for. But, the real topic at hand for this review is their birthday baskets.

Pro Flowers sent me the Birthday Aromatherapy Spa Basket to review. I must admit that I was a little taken aback when I opened the box, as the basket and content items enclosed were YELLOW. This is quite an uncommon color for a spa basket as I am used to the pink, blue, purple, green, and tan hues of baskets past.   I then noticed that the fragrance was listed as Lemon Grass with Ginger. Hmm…. I thought to myself, I have never had any bath products with Lemon Grass in them. Does it smell like lemon? The answer is “Yes, sort of.” That’ s because it contains citral, found in lemon peel. Lemon Grass is said to help soothe aching muscles, spasms, and headaches. (see reference) I did not notice the ginger scent, but I know from past experience that it can help with nausea. This could be a good thing for morning sickness….

Prior to removing the plastic shrinkwrap, I noticed that there appeared to be a sand-like substance that had leaked out into the outside of the basket. In order to prevent it from getting on my things, I had to open it over a garbage can.  I soon learned it was very fine bath salts.  Here’s the basket without the shrinkwrap:

The basket, in of itself, was very nice with a faux leather yellow exterior and satiny lining on the inside. Inside the basket, there were lots of nice things meant to soothe you, including: bath gel, bubble bath, bath caviar, bath salts, bath fizzy, exfoliating brush, and an exfoliating sponge. I wasn’t sure  if I should use everything at once or try them out one at a time. If you haven’t noticed by now, it was very bath oriented.  While this can work for new moms, pregnant women are generally encouraged to refrain from warm baths.  The good news is that the bubble bath can double as a body wash and the bath gel can be used with the bath sponge in the shower.



What I Liked:

I think it’ sgreat that Pro Flowers is offering a nice variety of spa baskets that you can pick and choose to send with a few clicks of your mouse. The packaging was very nice and I like that the basket came when it was supposed to come. There were some nice bows, satin bags, and aluminum screw caps on the bottles, which all made the basket look alittle more classy.   The gel was a typical bath gel, but the bubble bath was very nice as the bubbles managed to stick around for awhile. The bath caviar was very smooth. My husband hijacked the entire bag of bath salts and used them to soak. He reported that the bath was amazing, as his skin was tingly.  The bath fizzy had the same amount of impact. I really enjoyed the opportunity to relax and soak in the spa experience at home.

Areas for Improvement:

Pro Flowers should make sure that the bath salts are packaged more thoroughly as I am sure I am not the only one who has had this issue.  It would help if the basket also came with a candle & lotion though I don’t think there was enough room.  To be honest, I really didn’t like the  scent too much.  I think I would’ve preferred to try out their lavender or rose fragranced baskets, which are pretty tried and true fragrances.

Overall, a nice option for pampering a new mom.

Buy One:

The particular basket I reviewed seems to be temporarily unavailable, but you can visit this link to check the other Pro Flowers birthday basket options out. Prices range from around $29.99 to around $69.97 for spa baskets. They also have a variety of other baskets to choose from.

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