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By Heather Lopez

I was contacted by the Easy Lunch Boxes company to review their Easy Lunch Box System for myself, not for the kids. You see, unlike some lunch boxes which are specifically targeted for kids, the Easy Lunch Box system is designed to work for all types of people.

The system came with 4 sets of storage containers with lids. It also came with a lunchbag cooler that the containers fit into. They are available in Black, Dark Red, Olive, Purple and Aqua. I chose the Olive:

What I Liked:

You can fit three (3) of the storage containers in the bag. This helps with packing multiple lunches when you are on the go with your family. This is a good size for my two kids and myself. Because the lids are different colors, you could color-code for individual people. On the site, there are more personalization options for the bags as well. The site also has a lot more useful information, such as snack and lunch ideas and product safety information. I like that the product is safe for the dishwasher and is free of PVC, Lead, Phthalates, and vinyl.

For pregnant women, this can be useful to pack snacks and meals for those long doctor visits and for work, so you won’t be tempted to gnosh on unhealthy fast food. For new moms with babies starting solids, this could be a good place to store pureed foods and small snacks in the compartments.

I like the compartments that can separate different food types to prevent sogginess and messy mixes. I also liked that the containers felt stronger than the standard container.

  What could be improved:

I couldn’t help but notice that there were four containers, but only three can fit in the bag. If I wanted to pack a lunch for my husband too, I would have to tag it along in a plastic bag or buy another bag to fit it. Maybe it would help to make the bag slightly taller to fit the fourth container. I also didn’t like that one of the containers broke when I was taking each of the bottoms out of the stack. They were packed too tightly together and a piece broke just by me trying to separate the two.


I think it is a cool idea. The company is founded by a mom, so you know that the product was created to address an issue moms have trouble with. Rather than just relying on storage containers placed in plastic bags or just using a lunch box, the system allows for both to be used in an organized way. I plan on using the system on my next road trip as it will fit a nice meal that we won’t need to spend a fortune on in the service plaza. It’s a shame that the one broke though, but I can only fit 3 in the bag anyway.


I was informed by Easy Lunch Boxes that the tight packing of the containers was a manufacturing error in one of their shipments. If you have purchased this product and experience cracking upon separating them, they will replace the broken item. Also, I was not compensated for this review, other than the product to try out. 

Buy It

The container set is available for $13.95 and the cooler bags are available for $7.95. They offer free UPS ground shipping for orders over $50. TYou can purchase now, by clicking this link.

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