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By Heather Lopez

I know we promised this for yesterday, but my computer crashed so I am just getting to this now. We have an important announcement about our social network, Happy and Healthy Moms.

We have decided to convert it to an exclusive network for our Happy and Healthy Mom Product Review Team members. Membership will be limited to just 100 reviewers. We will post opportunities to review products in the monthly forum aka  Review Campaigns. Each campaign has its own rules. Because of the limited membership and exclusivety, the chances of receiving products to review increases. There is no cost to join the team, but you must apply and be approved. You must either be pregnant or a new mom with a baby under 2 to join. Once your youngest baby is over 2, you will be transferred into our program for other products not related to this market. As a team member, you will be allowed to use our special team banner on your blog. Inactive members will receive a warning after 3 months of inactivity. If there is no reponse, inactive members will be removed in order to allow new members to join. Because of the inevitability of pregnant women giving birth and pregnancy products that might need to be reviewed, we reserve the right to transfer out members, who’s babies are older than one, in order to admit more pregnant women. Further rules will be explained upon joining and further changes will be made beginning with November.

Many of our current team members are very happy with the opportunities they have already received. If you would like to receive products in exchange for writing a review, apply to join our team at

Posted by hahmom   @   14 October 2010 2 comments
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Feb 17, 2011
1:47 pm

Hi heather,
I NEVER received any info on where to post the review. It does not come with the box, and I never got any info…does it go to this page…pop chips etc???

Cant post if we do not know where to do so.


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