Insanity: It’s Not What It’s Cracked Up To Be

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Each day you juggle the many demands placed upon you; kids, career, spouse, friends, etc. The list could go on and on. As you wake each morning, more demands are placed upon your shoulders, the kids need this and they want that, your spouse is upset because you forgot to do something for them, it can seem as if you are losing your mind. Life is full of challenges and many women place too much upon their shoulders without realizing the detrimental effect it has upon their peace of mind. When you start to feel as if you have taken on too much and all of the demands pile up high, your mind starts to feel as if it is going insane.

Insanity is defined as a spectrum of behaviors characterized by abnormal behaviors and mental patterns. While logically there are two forms of insanity in the medical world; clinical insanity and legal insanity, most every day women are neither of these. As you work each day to meet the demands of those around you while still trying to uphold that tiny piece of individuality, your mind plays tricks on you and allows you to truly think you have gone insane. Insanity in fact can be truly defined as the feeling of losing yourself and your ability to remain calm, cool and collected during times of high stress in life.

Reality is, insanity is not what it’s cracked up to be, you are not losing your mind and you are not truly going insane. As you can imagine many women, especially those raising children, can often feel as if a trip to the mental health facility for a week would be an ideal vacation as opposed to handling just one more whine, demand or tear filled eyes of their family members. It’s just difficult to juggle so much and as a society we tend to place more upon our plates than necessary.

The key to dealing with the confused state of mind that is telling you insanity has crept into your world, is to remember you are feeling things based on an emotional response. Take a moment to step back, write down a list of things you do every day that are making you have this negative emotional response and make a decision to cut corners, to delegate tasks to others. Learn to redirect your mind to respond in a logical and reasonable way, as opposed to letting the thought that you are insane creep in. If you take time to use the rational side of your brain, you will soon find that insanity is not all it’s cracked up to be and you just simply need to ask for more assistance from family members.

This post has been written by Brandy Tanner from Happily Blended Blog where she shares tips on how to live a positive lifestyle. From travel in New England to raising three unique kids, Brandy can be found putting a positive twist on anything life tosses at her. 

Posted by Brandy Tanner   @   15 June 2016 0 comments

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