How a Dog Can Be Your Anxiety Superhero

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If you have ever owned a dog, you probably already realize how fun and affectionate they can be. Getting love from that loyal furry friend is joyful and brings much happiness, but did you realize just how this dog can benefit your overall health? It is very true that dogs can be your anxiety superhero, and today we are going to share a few ways dogs can be your anxiety superhero as a means to inspire you to live a less anxious life through the love of a dog.

Your dog will always be down for cuddling, it’s as if they are acutely attuned to your gestures, tone and words. When you are feeling down, your furry pet will head over and place their head under your hand to get a little petting action in. Dogs are not doing this for attention, they have actually honed in on the anxiety levels peaking within your body and head to you so they can do whatever necessary to assist in calming your internal anxiety levels in that moment.

Dogs have been proven to be an active pet for any person to own, when you have a partner to take a walk with anytime that actually is joyful about it, you will take more walks. Having a daily exercise routine automatically helps to reduce anxiety levels as it calms blood pressure and helps to keep your heart healthy. Walking along with your dog every day brings your mind to a place of peace and allows you to fight anxiety without effort.

When you are talking to your dog, yes many dog owners talk to their pet, it is okay to admit that, you don’t think before speaking. The simple act of talking to your dog about problems or whatever it is that is starting you towards a path of having an anxiety attack, because when a person speaks to their dog they are not subconsciously thinking before speaking as they do when talking to another person. A dog allows you to get it all out, without a second thought and in turn relaxes your mind to ease the burden of an anxiety attack.

There are so many reasons why your dog is your anxiety superhero, the list could go on but the overall gist is that dog owners tend to be more relaxed, outgoing and easy minded people because their little furry pet has allowed them the luxury of increased exercise and happiness in just being that loyal friend.


Posted by Brandy Tanner   @   17 June 2016 0 comments

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