How to Relieve Stress of a New Mom

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When you become a new Mom, the last thought that comes to mind is the idea that you may suffer from identity crisis, major stress and anxiety built around the idea that this new life relies so heavily on you. As a new Mom your world has completely flipped upside down; your hormones are still trying to balance out after a roller coaster ride of emotions during the pregnancy. Life as you know it has changed suddenly and you aren’t sure how to handle the stress of being a new Mom.

It is okay, every new Mom experiences similar stressful moments and we have some tips on how to relieve stress of a new Mom based on examples of stressors that arrive during that initial stage of motherhood.

Stressor – My Baby Won’t Stop Crying

Newborns don’t come into this world with a high vocabulary, so crying is their only means to attempt to communicate. Crying frequently can make any new Mom riddled with guilt and stress about how to resolve whatever it is the crying newborn wants. Here’s how to get over the stressor of a baby who won’t stop crying:

  • Learn that your baby is simply trying to communicate a need with you. The need could be that they are hungry, need a diaper change or simply want to be held. The need doesn’t have to be something major, so as long as your baby is eventually soothed in some manner, there’s nothing to stress or worry about.

Stressor – Being Sleep Deprived

A very common stressor for new Moms is the sleep deprivation that sets in when you are waking mid-night to feed baby. Your newborn will demand a lot of your attention and they will frequently wake for feedings at the oddest of hours. Being sleep deprived while raising a newborn won’t lead to any positive results. Here’s how to overcome that stressor of being sleep deprived during the new Mom days:

  • Let go of the household chores that can wait during nap time and learn to truly sleep when your baby sleeps. Many new Moms get caught up in wanting to get things done during nap time which leads to them being sleep deprived. Let go of all the small things that others can help you with to ensure you are getting much needed rest during this initial stage of motherhood.

Stressor – Feeling Frumpy After Baby Born

You gained a ton of weight during pregnancy and now wonder why that weight didn’t just magical disappear upon newborn’s arrival.  It’s okay to feel a little frumpy after the baby is born. Remember that you don’t need to stress over it, and many of your loved ones feel you are radiant, not frumpy anyways. Here’s how to get over the stress of feeling frumpy after baby was born:

  • Learn to plan ahead with a large supply of healthy food options in the house as a means to not reach for that fattening snack option in between caring for your newborn. Take a daily walk with your baby. Learn to let go of long exercise routines and stick to segments of 10-15 minutes at a time to allow for daily activity which will boost your mood & help the frump you feel disappear.

We hope our tips help you manage the stress you feel as a new mom. Do you have any stressors you’d like to ask about or have your own advice about? Comment below.

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