How Group Therapy Can Help Your Mental Health

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Group therapy may sound intimidating and you may not feel it is the right thing for you, but if you take a moment to read on and learn how group therapy can help your mental health then you may have a change of heart. Group therapy is when one or more psychologist lead a group of up to 15 people in a single session together. This group of people will all have similar problems, such as a mental health condition, and will be able to share insight of what has and has not worked for them.

When you start to realize these people in group therapy with you have been through similar challenges as you, the intimidated feelings dissipate and soon you are opening up to these participants. You may start group therapy only listening or only talking, that’s completely dependent upon your character traits. Many psychologists are a big fan of group therapy because it helps those suffering talk to someone who can relate personally to their challenges.

Groups will generally meet once or twice per month and allow the participants to get relief, support and guidance on their mission to live a full life while suffering from mental health illness. Group Therapy can help you overcome your mental health and here’s how:

  • Support – group therapy allows you to have a group of people to turn to when you need to have help through something.
  • Sound Board – you can release anything in this group and it’s confidential, and with the support that comes from the group you will be able to feel better after that release.
  • Social Skills – meeting with a group of people who suffer from mental health allows each of you to learn social skills for proper communication in other areas of life.
  • Eyes Open – group therapy helps you to see yourself for who you are, without all of that extra fluff that you feel makes you who you are.

Group therapy is a beneficial portion of gaining some control of your life again when your mental health is suffering. If you are worried whether or not group therapy is right for you, take a moment to look further into and see if you can’t just sit in on a couple of sessions as a means to really learn if this is something you truly should partake in.

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