Tips to Overcome Depression

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Women tend to deal with a lot of emotional turmoil, simply because of how the gender is wired and hormones can certainly be a culprit as well. Depression can come on suddenly for unknown reasons or be part of hormone fluctuations but today we will discuss tips to overcome depression so that you can be that happy go lucky woman again.

Tips to Overcome Depression

Vitamin D deficiency can be to blame for feeling depressed. We all need vitamin D and it is what the sunlight gives us, but if you live in an area with changing seasons or less sunlight then taking a vitamin D supplement may just curb that depressed feeling.  To go along with a vitamin D supplement, try a Happy Light which is a natural spectrum light you use for a period of time each day as a means to provide you with the sunshine even when it is not shining outside.

Women who incorporate a daily fitness routine into their schedules tend to be less depressed because exercise alone increases endorphin’s and naturally makes you happier. Take a brisk 30 minute walk every day, or complete a cardio workout in your living room. Combine a daily fitness routine with some relaxation techniques such as yoga or deep breathing skills and you will be all set up for success against depression.

Make time to incorporate hobbies that you enjoy into your everyday life, even just twenty minutes per day focusing on something that matters to you, such as reading a good book or knitting something, can help curb depression and stop it in its tracks. Whatever hobby you have or have had in the past, bring it into your life every day for a minimum of twenty minutes as means to be proactive against those attacks from depression.

Listen to more upbeat music. Research has shown that people who listen to upbeat music on a daily basis tend to be happier people. If you start to fill your play list with upbeat, positive, fun music the you will find that your mood changes rather quickly on a regular basis to a positive.

While having clinical depression may require therapy and possibly medication, the occasional bouts of depression can be overcome using the above tips shared today. No one should have to feel depressed, for life is far too short, so do your best to be proactive in the battle against depression by making a few slight lifestyle changes as noted above to overcome depression.

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