Managing Hormones While Pregnant

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You are pregnant and it is supposed to be the most wonderful time. Creating this new life that is growing within your body is such a miracle, but why do you feel so out of control? Emotions run wild, you find yourself crying often and mood swings are constantly keeping you from enjoying this chapter in your life. What can you do to manage hormones while pregnant? Managing hormones while pregnant will take every ounce of effort you have, but it is so worth it when you are able to calm down and simply enjoy your pregnancy.

During the first three months of pregnancy you will be at the peak level of mood swings and emotional roller coasters. This will be the most trying time for your partner and you as you work through figuring out how to manage hormones while pregnant in the first trimester. One way to manage the rise and fall of hormones during your first trimester would be to practice some deep breathing techniques, the art of silence and incorporate yoga into your daily routine.

Managing Hormones While Pregnant


Deep breathing techniques combined with yoga will work to keep you at a peaceful state of mind. While it will be extremely difficult to have self-control during pregnancy hormones, you must overcome the initial feeling to lash out. Learn your body and mind, as you start to feel a tinge of high emotion coming on, step back and breath. Learn some yoga poses and immediately get into a pose that helps you balance during the height of a hormonal fluctuation.

Practicing the art of silence is something you can do throughout the entire pregnancy as a means to simply be quiet. If you are feeling argumentative, defensive or aggressive in any way then do not speak at all in reply to another person. Having the self-control to simply remain silent when you otherwise would lash out with an emotional response will encourage a healthy relationship to continue with your family during pregnancy.

Managing hormones while pregnant requires you to notice how your body and thoughts change right before a hormonal episode. Learning to listen to your body and mind will work to your benefit in allowing you to have the strength necessary to pull yourself back together anytime your hormones peak. If all else fails, and today you are simply just at a point that curling up to cry will help you release? Then do it. Stepping away from your family and the hustle and bustle of life to simply cry while pregnant is completely healthy and may be a great release so that you can continue on in your day to day life without extra dramatics.

Being pregnant is not always easy, but it can be easier when you learn the simple techniques shared in this article as a means to alleviate extra stress caused by pregnancy hormones.

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