Are Mental Health Issues More Common in Women?

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Many studies have shown that biological factors play a huge role in mental health illness, but are they more common in women? Yes, just by nature of how a woman is wired makes them generally more susceptible to mental illness and here’s why:

  • Women have lower serotonin levels than men and process this chemical at a slower rate.
  • Women are generally more apt to suffer from major hormone fluctuations than men.
  • Women tend to be affected by socio-cultural beliefs and influences more than men.

Are Mental Health Issues More Common in Women

Serotonin and Mental Health

This chemical in the brain seems to affect psychology as well as having a key role in various mental health illnesses, such as anxiety to schizophrenia. If a women tends to have lower levels and processes serotonin slower than a man, it would make sense that their ability to cope with anxiety and other mental health illnesses would be slower, which then results in mental health issues being more common in women.

Hormone Fluctuations and Mental Health

Let’s face it, we all know that women suffer from hormone fluctuations more than men; they have that monthly menstrual cycle that brings with it a term of 2-3 weeks of hormone rages. Since women tend to have hormones fluctuation before, during and after a menstrual cycle it places them at a high risk for dealing with mental illness related symptoms such as depression and anxiety. Sadly, many women can suffer from an ongoing imbalance of hormones which only increase the risk of long term mental health issues. When a woman’s hormones are off, the results can lead to over-eating, anger, insomnia and reduced cognitive ability, which just equals a mess for women.

Sociocultural Beliefs and Influences

Depending upon your beliefs based upon heritage or influences among peers, women can truly be affected for socio-cultural beliefs and influences because they tend to be more emotionally driven. There are also some cultures where women must tend to the children versus actually going out to work and feel independent. While socio-cultural may not play as big a role in women’s mental health as it did back in the old days, it still is just one of the factors that can make mental health illness more common in women due to their place within their family and friendships.

Mental Health is More Common in Women

Whether you are ready to admit it or not, mental health issues are certainly more common in women than in men due to how the female is wired from birth. If you take a look around you, view the women who are part of your peers at work, at home and out in the grocery store, do you see the women looking more moody or more sad than the average man you run into? While there are many factors that make mental health illness more common in women than men, the true culprit can sometimes be something as simple as hormone imbalance. If you are a women suffering from feelings of anxiety, sadness and anger in ways that make you concerned about your mental health, talk to your family physician today to see what they can do to help you climb back up and be the real you again!


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