Post Thumbnail of Absences Add Up
 Social Good 6 October 2016

We have all been there – kids missing school for one reason or another. Maybe it’s a vacation that just had to happen, sick family members, sick children. Whatever the case may be, generally we have the resources to help our kids stay on track and not fall behind if …

Post Thumbnail of Product Feature: BODYARMOR
 Product Reviews 4 October 2016

By Janine Bobe
I received samples of this product to facilitate this review, as part of a Bloggin’ Mamas campaign. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
This year, we have taken to becoming more physically active in our house. I started working out and my kids, especially my son, are getting …

Post Thumbnail of Child Passenger Safety Week
 Social Good 23 September 2016

Storks know how to keep kids safe. Do you? Visit to know for sure that your child is in the right seat for their age and size. #STORKS #TheRightSeat. During Child Passenger Safety Week, will you help us spread awareness about the importance of having “the right seat” and …

Post Thumbnail of 8 Diaper Bag Essentials
 Featured,Product Reviews 19 September 2016

This post was written by contributor Fatima Torres and was sponsored by JustFab. Fatima received compensation in the form of product in exchange for her review. All opinions expressed are her own. 
Becoming a parent means planning ahead and preparing for just about anything. Have you ever noticed one of the …

Post Thumbnail of Era Organics Giveaway- Ends 9-20-16
 Giveaways 6 September 2016

Sponsored Product Feature + Giveaway
Happy and Healthy Mom is all about taking care of the mom behind the babies & kids. We love products that help pamper women, like skincare lines. What’s even better is when those skincare lines are organic, like  Era Organics. So many of my friends have …

Post Thumbnail of Preventing Wildfires with Smokey The Bear
 Social Good 23 August 2016

Rise from the Ashes with Smokey The Bear!
A campfire can be one of the best parts of camping, or provide necessary warmth to hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts. Unlike many natural disasters, most wildfires are caused by people—and can be prevented by people, too! Right now, a wildfire burning out …

Post Thumbnail of South Florida Moms Win a Year of Chicken McNuggets Happy Meals
 Giveaways 23 August 2016


Us mamas know that our children’s health is our number one concern. That’s why we pay such close attention to what we feed them. Sometimes after a long day, we need a quick meal, but we also don’t want to feed our children foods that contain harmful and artificial …

Post Thumbnail of Have Peace of Mind When Your Kids Are In The Right Seat
 Social Good 3 August 2016

For most of us, grabbing our gear and running out to the car and heading to appointments, play dates, work and daycare are a regular every day thing. When we have little ones, we put them in their car seat and buckle them up without a second thought to whether …

Post Thumbnail of Shop With Heart and Make Lives Better for Animals
 Social Good 19 July 2016

Aside from the people who are vegan, most everyone I know buys meat, eggs, or dairy at some point during the week/month/year. And those of you who do – have much more buying power than you probably even realize. By buying welfare-certified animal products, or more plant-based products, you send …

Post Thumbnail of Social Good: How to Avoid Mortgage Scams
 Social Good 6 July 2016

A few years ago, we almost bought a home. We had our offer approved by the seller & the bank, put a deposit in escrow and were about to close on the house. The woman we were to buy from was attempting a short sale (which is a way to …

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