Post Thumbnail of Preparing To Exercise When You are Pregnant: Lesson 1
 Mommy To Be Fitness 1 December 2009

When you are pregnant, your body goes through a tremendous amount of changes. You will gain weight and retain water. You will be eating more than you are used to. You may experience back pain, leg and feet swelling, stretch marks, cramps, constipation, and yes, your feet may get irreversibly …

Post Thumbnail of 6 Tips for New Moms to Manage the Stress of the Holiday Season
 New Mom Happiness 1 December 2009

By Kathleen Cuneo, Ph.D.
Before you ever had children you may have conjured up a scene in your imagination for a joyous, heartwarming holiday season. Perhaps you imagined your own version of a madonna and child scene as you held your new infant in the glow of the holiday lights. Perhaps …

Post Thumbnail of 5 Steps Toward Holiday Wellness for New Moms
 New Mom Nutrition 1 December 2009

By Cydney Smith
It’s December, the holiday season is upon us, as are the days of early darkness. During this time of year, where cultures around the world celebrate birth, light and love, it may be easy for the new mom to forget to celebrate and nourish herself.
For the new mom, …

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