Post Thumbnail of Happy and Healthy Mom Giveaway Rules
 Giveaways 25 May 2010

Giveaways by Happy and Healthy Mom can be accessed at  by clicking on the  Giveaways link in the header or elsewhere on the site. Happy and Healthy Mom cannot be responsible for outages, ISP interference, or other site blocking mechanisms that may prevent users from accessing the Happy and …

Post Thumbnail of Product Review: Club de Bebe
 Product Reviews 1 May 2010

By Heather Lopez

One day I received a beautiful package in the mail and I thought to myself that this must be a giveaway for the event I was holding in February, but secretly praying it was a belated birthday present for me. I found out that it was neither. What …

Post Thumbnail of Sleep: Our Body’s In-house Janitorial System

By Darline Turner-Lee

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-sleep is vastly under rated. Seriously, how often are you tired, so tired that you could just lie down and pass out? Yet the thought of the kids, bills, laundry and that one last assignment for your business sends a …

Post Thumbnail of She Has a Nice Body…for a Mom
 New Mom Fitness 1 May 2010


An excerpt from:

About two months after my first son was born, I went to a school reunion. A guy I had gone to both grade school and high school with gave me one of the most back-handed compliments I have ever received. “You look so different,” he said, looking me …

Post Thumbnail of Naturally Prepping Your Hormones for Childbirth
 Mommy To Be Fitness 1 May 2010

By James Goodlatte

The childbirth experience can be a stunning blend of love and power for mom and baby, especially if mom is not left with drug side-effects or scars. It is one a unique opportunity for mom and baby to bond in love unhindered by drug effects, separation, uncertainty, bewilderment, …

Post Thumbnail of Hands OFF the Chocolate Cake
 Mommy To Be Nutrition 1 May 2010

By Heather Lopez

I remember those days of my 2nd pregnancy when I really wished I could eat for two, but found out that I would just be eating around 300 calories more. Okay, I thought to myself, 300 calories is like a really good indulgent snack such as a piece of …

Post Thumbnail of Sex with Obstacles
 Mommy To Be Happiness 1 May 2010

An excerpt from:
It’s important to keep the connection between you and your partner alive during your pregnancy. But, next time you feel like having sex, put a basketball between you and your partner and try to make everything match up! You’ll then have some idea of what it’s like to …

Post Thumbnail of Factors Affecting Weight Loss:Weight Loss is more complicated than calories in vs. calories out!
 Mommy To Be Nutrition 1 May 2010

By Darline Turner-Lee

As new moms we love our babies. However, we are often less in love with our post pregnancy bodies. That once round, firm belly is replaced with a much softer, smaller mound that adamantly resists folding quietly into our favorite jeans. Most new moms I speak with are …

Post Thumbnail of Yeast Infections During Pregnancy
 Mommy To Be Health 1 May 2010

By Heather Lopez

According to the American Pregnancy Association, yeast infections are more common during pregnancy than any other time in a woman’s life, especially during the second trimester. (1) I experienced multiple yeast infections during my first pregnancy and my doctor told me that once you get one, it makes it easier …

Post Thumbnail of Product Review: Be Nice Prenatal Drink Mix
 Product Reviews 1 April 2010

By Shiloah Baker
It is very refreshing to have companies now recognizing the pregnant woman and her nutritional needs.  When I received the Be Nice drink mixes to try, I was very impressed with the fact that not only it is a refreshing drink mix to put in a water bottle on …

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