Post Thumbnail of Product Review: The Mommy Measure
 Product Reviews 1 February 2010

By Suz Besecker 

Normally women don’t encourage belly growth of any kind. Of course, when you first find out you are pregnant you wait and wait and wait for the first signs of a belly to appear. I remember when I was pregnant with Roo I would spend hours in the …

Post Thumbnail of Pregnant? Avoid These Foods
 Mommy To Be Nutrition 1 February 2010

Eating well balanced meals is important at all times, but it is even more essential when you are pregnant. There are essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your developing baby needs. Most foods are safe; however there are some foods that you should avoid during pregnancy.
What foods I should avoid …

Post Thumbnail of Working Pregnant Mama Tips
 Mommy To Be Happiness 1 February 2010

By Heather Lopez
Being that I worked through both of my pregnancies and my main business focuses on new moms and mommies to be, I felt it would be appropriate for me offer up some tips for managing your pregnancy and your job.
Tip #1: Wear comfortable, flat shoes
Sometimes when us women …

Post Thumbnail of Pregnancy and Exercise
 Mommy To Be Fitness 1 February 2010

by Tracey Mallett
I know how exciting it is to finally hear the news that you’re going to have a baby. I’m sure there are many questions going through your head about keeping you and your baby healthy throughout your pregnancy. I’ve gathered a few of the most-asked questions to guide …

Post Thumbnail of Factors Affecting Weight Loss: Weight Loss is more complicated than calories in vs. calories out!
 New Mom Fitness 1 February 2010

By Darline Turner-Lee
As new moms we love our babies. However, we are often less in love with our post pregnancy bodies. That once round, firm belly is replaced with a much softer, smaller mound that adamantly resists folding quietly into our favorite jeans. Most new moms I speak with are …

Post Thumbnail of Breastfeeding after a C-Section
 New Mom Health 1 February 2010

By Elizabeth McGee
After your baby is born and you hear the first furious wail, you yearn nothing more than to have the baby brought to you for feeding …right that instant.
Unfortunately for moms who just had a c-section, breastfeeding is not always instantaneous. Don’t be surprised that, despite your protests, …

Post Thumbnail of Has Your Love Life Stagnated Since the Kids Were Born?
 New Mom Happiness 1 February 2010

By Candi Wingate
Do you find yourself struggling to find time for yourself and husband? You know, before long work hours and three kids drained you of energy and made you more of a worker bee than a sexual being.
Or how about those romantic weekend get-aways, just the two of you? …

Post Thumbnail of Product Review: The Mommy Mitten
 Product Reviews 25 January 2010

By Abbey Fatica

1/25/2010: If you live in parts of the country where the weather gets super cold then you know how chapped your hands can get just walking the stroller from your car to the inside of the warm mall. Gloves are great but what happens when you have to …

Post Thumbnail of Worth the Weight: Weight Management Tips for Expecting Moms
 Mommy To Be Nutrition 1 January 2010

By Darline Turner-Lee
I’ve been working with women for over 10 years and exclusively with pregnant women for the past 7 years. I love working with pregnant women, especially first time moms. Their excitement is so apparent it’s nearly palpable. It’s such an honor and a pleasure to be allowed to …

Post Thumbnail of Tips for drug-free morning sickness relief
 Mommy To Be Health 1 January 2010

By Romy Taormina

Psi Bands were invented by two moms who were sick of the morning sickness they had to endure during their pregnancies. Many sources estimate that 80% of pregnant women experience the dreaded “morning sickness” –itself a misnomer, as anyone who has suffered through it can tell you that …

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